Fun Friday, April 19

Hello everybody, and welcome to Fun Friday!

First, we have our weekly student slideshow.

Love fun facts as much as Candy? Check out these Incredible Candy Facts that you can share with your friends!

Want to eat some sweets after talking about candy so much! Check out the Varieties of International Candy you can get on Amazon!

Love ice cream? Are you looking for Fun Flavors Across the US? Or want to try a Crazy Ice Cream you have been curious about that seems fake but is actually real? If you try any of these unique flavors, let us know what you think!

Then, take this “What kind of ice cream are you?” quiz. Our lawyers have looked over it, and we’re confident you will not be legally required to become the kind of ice cream you get. 

Finally, we found an interactive link to The Best Food Combinations. If you check it out, you can vote to change the rankings.

Thanks, and have a great weekend,

The YEP Team

Andy and Kallie

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