Fun Friday, February 10

Hello everybody, and welcome to Fun Friday!

First, we have our weekly student slideshow.

Sometimes living in Wisconsin feels like we are stuck in a snow globe for most of the year. Staying active can be hard during this cold season. Finding fun new ways to play and stay fit is just what we need! Check out these 12 cool winter activities you’ve never heard of—but need to try!

What technically is a sport? According to a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Remember this definition when you check out this list of Bizarre activities that are categorized as world class sports. Which one do you think you would try?

Looking for some classic movies to watch? Check out this List of over 40 sports movies to binge watch on your next snow day!

Just in case you didn’t know, the Super Bowl is coming up on Sunday. This is your last reminder that even if you don’t like football, the game can help you earn some bonus YEP prize points.  

Take your best guess at who will win the game and what the final score will be. Every student who enters will get 1 point, and the winner will receive 10 bonus prize points. If you get the exact score correct, we’ll even throw in 5 more! Get your answer in before the game starts at 5:30 on Sunday for it to be counted.

Thanks, and have a great weekend,

The YEP Team

Abigail, Andy, and Kathy

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