Fun Friday, June 14

Hello everybody, and welcome to Fun Friday!

To get this started, we have a quiz that answers the question: “What Type Of Dad Are You? (You don’t have to be a dad to take the quiz!)

If you’re short on money but want to give a thoughtful gift for Father’s Day, check out these Awesome Card Ideas

Fathers day isn’t just for dads, it is an opportunity to honor someone who has influenced us, helped us grow, and loved us. We can celebrate all family members, those who feel like family, or whoever has made an impact. Check out some Great Quotes for Non-bio Dads

Finally, if you’re thinking it would be a good idea to do something fun as a family for Father’s Day, you’re probably right. And guess what? We have A Great List of Family Activities.

Thanks, and have a great weekend,

The YEP Team

Andy and Kallie

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