Fun Friday, November 17

Hello everybody, and welcome to Fun Friday!

First, we have our weekly student slideshow.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the amazing animals on the Endangered Species List, as well as what can be done to help them, check out this link from The World Wildlife Fund.

If you think you’re smart, test your knowledge with WWF’s Animal Trivia.

Looking for a fun game to play? Try out This Word Search that includes the names of many different bird species! How many can you find?

Curious what type of exotic pets are out there? Check out some spectacular pets some people have Here!

There are so many types of animals out there. Check out this A-Z list!

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, but aren’t sure which kind would be right for you, why not try this What Pet Should I Get? Quiz? We just want to remind you not to bring any animals home without parent or guardian approval!

But maybe you’re not interested in getting a pet? Well then why not just have some fun trying this What Pet are You Most Like? Quiz.

On the other hand, if you’d rather just watch a cute and funny pet video, Check This Out. If you’re unable to open YouTube videos on your device, don’t worry, We Have a Backup!

Thanks, and have a great weekend,

The YEP Team

Andy and Kallie

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