Momentum Monday, September 26

Getting into a routine for school can be difficult. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and just need to switch things up. Check out the organizational video below for tips on finding the most effective times and ways you can get organized and be more productive.

Organizational and Time Management Video:

Let’s take a look at what types of learning styles are out there! Check out this video below.

Learning Styles Video Link:

Now that you have some knowledge about how understanding your learning style can help you get organized I want you to start to think about possible learnings styles that may fit you best. Ask yourself how can I use this learning style to help me get organized? How can I make studying more engaging and fun? How could I talk to my teacher about helping incorporate my learning style within the classroom?

This Friday we will have a learning style quiz for you. Write down what learning style you think you are now.

Thanks, and have a great week,

The YEP Team
Abigail, Andy, and Kathy

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