Monday, September 19

This week is Technology week! Technology can be a great tool for connecting with others, advancing different fields across the globe, and more!

Most likely all of us own or use one type of technology every day. It could be a phone, computer, gaming system, etc. All these things are fun and can be really helpful to use.

Have you ever wondered what the potential negative impact of using technology consistently can have on your health? Technology can actually be a big contributor to sleep issues, anxiety, depression, mood swings, and more.

Today we are going to look at how technology can impact your brain, sleep cycles, and adolescent development through one of Abigail’s past research study papers. So if you are interested in psychology, health, and the make up of your brain this paper is for you!

Please note there are lot of big words in this paper, so if there is something you are not familiar with it is totally okay! Feel free to ask us about anything that you may have questions about.

Click on the link above to see an interactive map of the brain and it’s functions!

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