Movies, Math, and More Monday, June 22

Hello Everybody, and welcome to Movies, Math, and More Monday!

Today we’re going to talk about what may be the two greatest movies in history that had an insect as the main character.

First, Kenzie is just buzzing to tell us about Bee Movie.

Then, Jennifer fills us in on A Bug’s Life

Bonus questions. Get an extra point each for answering of these questions:

Flik has been trying to count all the ants and sees there are 10 rows with 12 ants in each row so… How many ants are there?

Barry B. notices 5 bees out of 100 have an extra stripe. What percentage of the bees have an extra stripe?

To send us your answers, you can fill out the message form on the Contact page above, or send an email to any YEP advisor. All our email addresses are on the Contact page as well.

Thanks and have a great Day,

The YEP Team
Andy, Jennifer, Kathy, and Kenzie

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