Movies, Math, and More Thursday, October 22

Hello everybody, and welcome to our first Movies, Math, and More Thursday!

First, Andy talks about one of his favorite movies that happens to include some buried treasure, Aladdin.

Then Kenzie talks about her favorite mystery movie, Nancy Drew!

Bonus math questions. Get an extra point each for answering these questions:

• This summer, a treasure chest full of gold that had been hidden in the Rocky Mountains for years between Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico was found. What is the population of these 4 states combined?

• A 35-year-old woman has spent all of her time for the last 12 years searching for a treasure buried deep in the ocean. What percent of her life has she spent looking for the treasure?

We also have a few questions we would love students to answer about next week’s theme, which is Halloween! Don’t forget, answering one or more of these questions is an easy way to get prizes!

• What is your favorite kind of candy?

• What was the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

• What is your favorite Halloween movie?

To send us your answers, you can fill out the message form on the Contact page above, or send an email to any YEP advisor. However we get your answers, we’ll make sure you get your points.

Thanks, and have a great day,

The YEP Team
Andy, Jennifer, Kathy, and Kenzie

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