Talk to Me Thursday, June 11

Hello everybody, and welcome to Talk to me Thursday!

While many students were enjoying the first official week of summer vacation, we were still able to get enough student feedback for our slideshow this week. 

We also have a few questions we would love students to answer about next week’s theme, which is “Magnificent Men,” in honor of Father’s Day. Don’t forget, answering any of these questions is an easy way to get prizes!

  • Who is your favorite male singer?
  • What is your favorite memory that includes your dad, grandpa, or other important male in your life?
  • Who is your favorite dad from tv, a movie, or a book?

In order to send us responses, like answering any of these questions, you can fill out the message form on the Contact page above, or send an email to any YEP advisor. All our email addresses are on the Contact page as well.

Thanks and have a great day,

The YEP Team

Andy, Jennifer, Kathy, and Kenzie

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