Trivia Tuesday, April 28

Hello everybody, and welcome to Trivia Tuesday!

Below are the questions for this week. Students can email answers to [email protected]. As always, all students who participate will have a prize added to their list when we meet next.

  1. What is another name for the North Star (the brightest star in constellation Ursa Minor)?
  2. In 1977, movie theaters showed a movie that started with the words “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away…” what is the name of the movie?
  3. What is the largest planet in our solar system?
  4. What has a gravitational pull so strong that even light cannot escape it?
  5. What is the planet closest to the sun?
  6. Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon July 20, 1969. How many years ago was this?
  7. How deep is the base of the Space Needle in Seattle?
  8. What is the first animal to orbit EARTH (Nov. 3, 1957, with the launch of Sputnik 2)?
  9. There are approximately how many galaxies?
  10. What is another name for the Northern Lights?

For those who like to see examples of prizes before they decide if it’s worth it, you can check out the picture below. (Totally worth it!)

Thanks and have a great day,

The YEP Team
Andy, Jennifer, Kathy, and Kenzie

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