Trivia Tuesday, April 7

Hello everybody, and welcome to Trivia Tuesday!

Many of this week’s trivia questions, which you can find below, are about spring, and a few are from the audio clip we shared yesterday. As always, all students who submit answers will get a prize, and the person who gets the most answers right (or fastest as a tie-breaker) wins a bonus prize.

Jennifer is in charge or trivia, so you can submit your trivia answers to her at [email protected].

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is the first day of SPRING called?
  3. Who wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit?
  4. How long is a fortnight?
  5. Peter has 500 jelly beans and eats 40.Then he feels bad for not sharing so decides he will divide them into 4 piles for himself, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail. How many jelly beans does each pile have?
  6. When is SPRING in Australia?
  7. What is a male rabbit called?
  8. Are rabbits’ rodents?
  9. When you mix blue and red what color do you get?
  10. What are two names for baby chickens?
  11. What year was the first White House Easter Egg Roll?
  12. Make as many words as you can from the letters in SPRING?
  13. What are the names of the 5 Great Lakes?
  14. What are 3 flowers that bloom in the SPRING?

BONUS QUESTIONS: Remember you can listen to the audio of Tale of Peter Rabbit to help.

  1. In the story Peter Rabbit what are the names of Peter Rabbits sisters’ names?
  2. In the story Peter Rabbit what type of net did Peter get caught in?
  3. In the story Peter Rabbit what color is the cat who sat watching the goldfish?
  4. In the story Peter Rabbit what do you think is the moral (lesson) of this story?
  5. What is a trivia question you think would be good to ask?
  6. What is your favorite SPRING candy?

For those parents who would like to skip being the middleman in the trivia answering process and haven’t shared their student’s email with us, feel free to do so. We just don’t want to be emailing any kids without parent permission.

The YEP Team
Andy, Jennifer, Kathy, and Kenzie

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