Website Wednesday, June 24

Hello everybody, and welcome to Website Wednesday!

We have a great selection of “creepy crawly” and fun websites for you this week. 

Let’s start with a simple but awesome list of Facts About Insects you may not already know. (The first fact we learned was that British people have a different name for Ladybugs)

Check out this Fun Bug Matching Game. Andy’s review, “I can’t explain why I liked it, but I really, really did.”

For those of you who are fans of Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus, check out This Site From Scholastic, where you can quiz yourself on bugs and build your own caterpillar, along with a few other fun features. 

And for those who might just want to check out Some Of The Coolest Looking Bugs in the world, we’ve got you covered for that too. 

Thanks and have a great day,

The YEP Team

Andy, Jennifer, Kathy, and Kenzie

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