Website Wednesday, May 6

Hello everybody, and welcome to Website Wednesday!

With Mother’s Day almost here, we’ll start things off with a few quizzes to find out “What fictional mom are you?”

Or, “Which Disney mom are you?”

If you try out either quiz and let us know your answers today, we can add you into tomorrow’s slideshow.

Here are a number of awesome Mother’s Day coloring pages, if you’re the type who might want to use your artistic ability when making a gift.

We all have to do something while stuck at home. Maybe try one of these ideas for a family game night?

While we can’t take the family to the zoo right now, the San Diego Zoo is offering the next best thing, with a bunch of live cams of their animals. Sometimes they are doing something awesome! Sometimes they are doing nothing! What will you get to see?

Thanks and have a great day,

The YEP Team
Andy, Jennifer, Kathy, and Kenzie

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